Guide to register for a Collaborator, Droppii Agent Account

Do you want to find a job where you just need to be at home, using a phone or computer with an internet connection, you can create your own channel online sales  to help you have a good second source of income. decided not? More specifically, you do business but will not need to invest capital to import goods, do not pack for delivery?

  • Dandelion Vietnam Co., Ltd (Droppii) is the company that successfully combined the sharing economy model and the first e-commerce in Vietnam.
  • Dandelion Vietnam Co., Ltd (Droppii) is connecting and ensuring each relationship between 3 parties: 1 is the Supplier, 2 is the product dealer, and 3 is the Customer. Suppliers do not need to worry about the output of their products, business people have direct access to genuine sources and get the best discounts. And finally, customers will buy genuine products at good prices without having to worry about quality and price.
  • The company operates entirely on the Online platform, with over 60,000 users nationwide and in the near future the company will also reach out to countries in the ASEAN region.
  • Dandelion Vietnam Co., Ltd (Droppii) is distributing nearly 1000 products in many different fields such as: beauty products, health products, fashion, home appliances, convenience products, mother and baby. ..from famous and prestigious brands around the world.

What do you get as a Droppii Affiliate, Agent ?

Working as a Contributor, Sales Agent for Droppii. You will have access to a special online business model. Sell ​​goods but do not need to invest capital, do not have to pack, do not worry about shipping. Cooperating with Droppii, you will have a variety of products, categories and models for business and do not worry about product dumping because the Droppii system is unified on product prices. Especially, Droppii’s product discount is the best on the market today. (30 ~ 35%)
All sales on Droppii use mobile applications, so you can do it anytime, anywhere. Helping you to be proactive in your time and still be able to create yourself a good source of income even when you travel or work in an office or nursing mothers can also earn extra income.
Droppii’s ranking of the best sellers is updated daily.

Top 1 sold for about 25,000 USD
Top 10 sold for about 4,000 USD – 10,000 USD
  • Have a source of income of 1,000 USD a month
  • With just a phone or computer and 2-3 hours you spend every day
  • Nearly 1000 products in many different fields for you to choose for business
Vlive International
  • High discount from 15 – 40% depending on product line
  • You will be sent by the company to guide and train you so that you can sell most effectively.
  • All customers, orders, and revenue are updated via the mobile application for easy management.

Especially when you become an Agent of Droppii, you will have the opportunity to build your sales team, the stronger the team system, the higher the sales, the greater the income.

When does Droppii pay commissions to Affiliates ?

  1. Dandelion Vietnam Co., Ltd (Droppii) will pay retail commissions from sales to Partners. Payment is due on the 10th day of each month. In case the payment date is a Sunday or a public holiday as prescribed by law, the payment will be made on the preceding day.
  2. Regarding the remuneration arising related to training and training activities (if any) will be paid to you by the Supplier and the Partner in consulting and training cooperation at the time of payment. 15th calendar day of each month. In case the payment date is a Sunday or a public holiday as prescribed by law, the payment will be made on the preceding day.

How to register as a Droppii Affiliate, Agent ?

Anyone who wants to have a second source of income can become a Droppii Affiliate, Agent and must comply with Droppii’s policies. If you want to learn more about this business form, you can contact VinDrop directly via live chat or email:
Or if you have already found out, register for an account directly through the link below!


Or register here:

Register here

To register an account, you need to enter the referral code: Vinhhnbca or 0363781992 to register!

Why deposit and e-contract with Droppii ?

When you deposit and sign an electronic contract with Droppii, you will enjoy a lot of benefits from Droppii and NCCs (Suppliers).

  • Enjoy a higher discount from 30-50% for each product. Ensure the cooperation between the Agent and the Company to develop the Brand together.
  • Escrow and sign contract to represent Droppii to build Brand and franchise to develop business.
  • To use all software, Website system, application of the Company, all product information, Training and connection with NCCs (Suppliers) with Droppii Company. To ensure the cooperation between the partner and Droppii with a deposit of 100 USD and this amount will be refunded 1 week after the end of the contract between the Agent and Droppii.
  • For collaborators to have product knowledge, sales skills, and other skills, they must register for Droppii’s Kungfu course for 20 USD to have the most basic knowledge to be able to sell on Droppii.
    When you become an Agent of Droppii, you can recruit collaborators under your system through the link. Each Agent has a Sponsor link in the Account Information section. When others want to become a CTV, they must register through a referral to register an account on Droppii.
  • When the team reaches the specified Points, they will be promoted to 1, 2, 3* Agent, Mentor (Leader level). If you are a 3* Agent or more, you will be invited by NCCs (Suppliers) to attend product seminars. .
  • When you reach a high level, of course you have a very high income. Vindrop has shared some ways to sell with Droppii, you can learn more great ways that I share. Good luck !

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